Working from Home versus Working at Co-working Spaces

The workplace isn’t what it used to be. Long gone are the days of cubicle farms lit by blinding, fluorescent tubes. More and more people are either working from home or from a Co-working Spaces. Co-working spaces are technically offices but without all the sadness. They are areas in which people from different startups work alongside [...]

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Should Entrepreneurs Sleep In or Not?

There’s an ongoing debate around whether the best leaders or entrepreneurs should sleep in or wake up at the crack of dawn every morning. While it’s true that big names like Richard Branson are up by 5 am, there are many like Arianna Huffington who are pioneering the movement to get a full night’s sleep [...]

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Hot-Desking versus Coworking

Flexible working is becoming commonplace in today’s fast-paced and entrepreneurial business environment. With startup companies on the rise, innovation in day-to-day work has resulted in ventures seeking to revolutionize team cohesion and creative output. Two new ways of working that have been catching on are hot-desking and coworking. Hot-Desking Workspaces that utilize hot-desking provide communal [...]

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How Coworking Improves Your Quality of Life

Work-life balance is an increasing ideal as things like burnout and stress-induced illnesses and ailments become more and more prevalent. In some extreme cases, overworking and long hours with little to no time off can shorten your lifespan. It’s common to get stuck in a cycle of working late nights just to finish that report, [...]

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Creative Ways to Integrate Your Coworking Space into Your Content Marketing

Congrats! You are renting a coworking space and are enjoying the many perks of having an office, a community, and a hub for your business. You have access to internet and state of the art meeting spaces for your clients. However, you may not realize you also have an opportunity to market yourself in some [...]

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What is Hot Desking and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

Hot Desking...if you’re just hearing this term for the first time, you probably have some pretty crazy ideas of what it could be. Some common first lines of thought include, “Smoking at a desk?” “Doing something wild with coworkers around and not getting caught?” The list goes on. But it’s actually much more Harvard Business [...]

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Easy and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged

We are seeing that the workspace is changing physically with more and more offices moving to open plans in order to become more collaborative and creative. Shared office spaces and coworking are rising in their appeal to cost saving and more of a community setting. It’s making sense that the notions and perceptions of work [...]

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Benefits of Coworking in Carlsbad

Our Carlsbad Officentric coworking location is an amazing place for freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs alike to get some serious work done, mix and mingle + experience the ways of office culture without the drag of corporate America bogging you down. With our private offices, meeting rooms, and desk areas abound, there’s a space for [...]

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3 Fail Proof Ways to Network In Your New Coworking Space

 Well, you did it. You bit the bullet and finally purchased a space at your local coworking office. They assigned you a desk, your laptop is plugged-in and you can feel a million ideas you’ve had conjured up waiting to come to life. But one of the things you’re really looking forward to? Connecting with [...]

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3 Ways Coworking Can Grow Your Business

Working from coworking spaces can potentially be an incredible way to grow your business. At home, freelancers often find themselves distracted and caught up in the throes of everyday life, their attention rarely 100% on the project at hand, and overwhelmed by the assortment of things happening around them. In a dedicated office space, many [...]

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