Getting the perfect private office space that’s still social

Since the office space trend has moved towards the collaborative and open layout, it has made things harder for some businesses and employees to get the real privacy that they need when they are on important calls or dealing with sensitive information. In today’s work environment, privacy is still relevant and essential for some to [...]

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The Best Coworking Plan: Daily vs. Weekly vs. Monthly

You know that coworking provides an affordable shared space where you can work near and network with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. Now, you may be looking at your budget and trying to figure out the best coworking plan. Should you come in for a day or have the convenience of a longer-term coworking [...]

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How On Site Community Managers Form Friendly Shared Offices

Shared workspaces are an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to leave the isolation of working from home. But, you might wonder how new members fit into a shared office community. You can leave your fears behind. On site community managers help you transition smoothly into a shared office with events, workshops, and celebrations. [...]

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Get More Eyes On Your Brand Through a Shared Workspace

Promoting your brand is a constant challenge that takes consistent effort and time. It pays off to be well-known in your industry and acquire more leads, customers, and revenue. But, your schedule is jam-packed with client work and the time you do have to promote your business is limited.   Through coworking, you can expend [...]

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Coworking Provides High-Quality Technology for a Low Price

Leading a small business requires technology that is up-to-date. Slow internet connections make work tedious and incredibly slow. Potential security attacks make us apprehensive about sending and receiving sensitive information. With coworking, you and your team are provided with enterprise-grade technology and security solutions at a low price. Let’s find out how coworking provides high-quality [...]

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Shared Offices Make Collaboration Easier and Quicker

In the modern workplace, collaboration plays a key role in the success of a company. Yet, the layout of many offices still has employees separated by cubicles and private offices. This separation makes it harder for employees to interact, share knowledge, and collaborate on new initiatives.   Using a shared office improves collaboration by placing [...]

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Create Stronger Office Communities With Coworking Spaces

Working from home provides a comfortable chair, a cozy desk, and a relaxing environment. But, you may miss the camaraderie of working with other people. This feeling of isolation is dangerous because it can lead to burnout and an unhealthy mental state.  By joining a workplace with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, you would [...]

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How Coworking Spaces Tighten The Lid On Company Spending

As a small business owner, money seems to always be tight. You’re always looking for ways to cut your expenses, whether for marketing, business travels, product development, or other costs. But, have you thought about the cost of your office? After all, it’s expensive to lease an office for you and your employees. The building [...]

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Email Etiquette for Better Business Relationships

You’re headed out the door at the end of the day and just need to send one quick, final email. You sign off and a few minutes later, your phone dings. Something has happened - not something as minor as forgetting your attachment (hey, it happens), you’ve hit the dreaded “Reply All”. Whether you work [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Rent a Co-sharing Space

Here are the top 5 reasons why your startup should rent a co-sharing space: 1.A Climate of Productivity Co-sharing spaces are shared by results-driven individuals all looking for one thing: to get ahead on work. This common goal, even when held by people with separate titles and tasks, gives a co-sharing space a focused and [...]

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